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What We Do

We are a team at New England Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, LLC (NERMAS).  We have put together an outstanding team of professionals to help you, all with one goal.  We want to provide outstanding, patient-centered care, for women of all ages, revolving around the reproductive system, and strive to be the premier practice in New England related to these issues.


Comprehensive Subspecialty Care

With our experienced, compassionate, caring team, and our goal to be a proactive clinical partner with you, we know that we can provide outstanding comprehensive subspecialty care.  Our care ranges from all aspects of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Gynecology, Reproductive and Gynecologic Surgery (and in particular Minimally Invasive Surgery), and Reproductive and Gynecologic Ultrasonography.

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic and Reproductive Surgery

We provide a full gamut of Gynecologic and Reproductive Surgery, and do it most often in a minimally invasive approach.  These approaches would include Laparoscopy, Robotic, and Hysteroscopic approaches.  The range of problems dealt with can be virtually any Gynecologic or Reproductive problem, but most commonly would include Fertility related issues, Fibroids, Polyps, Abnormal bleeding patterns, Pelvic pain issues, Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Ectopic Pregnancy (all types), Uterine and Vaginal Anomalies (such as septums) and Exploratory Surgery.

Dr. Clark is the areas most experienced minimally invasive GYN surgeon, by far, and offers the ability to do those procedures by all methods available.  He, and our team, would be happy to discuss these options with you in detail in person, and together you can customize the approach for you and your concerns appropriately.  Just make an appointment and we will get the ball rolling!

Reproductive Endocrinology

There is a long list of problems that seem to have a hormonal base and influence the reproductive system.  Some of these can lead to surgery (see above) but most require medical care instead.

The list of problems here may include Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder or PMDD, Anovulation from any cause, Hypothalamic or Pituitary disorders (including Prolactin related problems), Menopause, and other issues that can influence reproductive function.

Dr. Clark and the team would be happy to talk with you in detail about your issues, and then together optimize an approach for management with you.   Just make an appointment and we will get started quickly!


Clearly many problems with the Reproductive Track can influence fertility, and Dr. Clark and his team specialize in this area.  Dr. Clark was recently named one of the areas 100 Best Doctors by the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, specifically regarding infertility care.  He and the team are ready to help you through the journey toward parenthood, whenever you are.

We provide comprehensive infertility care from evaluation to cycling.  We are very experienced (Dr. Clark has been practicing subspecialty fertility care for 12 years), and provide a complete range of infertility care, and including oral and injectable medications, as well as intrauterine insemination.  We work with our clinical partner, Boston IVF, to provide the full breadth of In-Vitro Fertilization care as well.

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, then you need to come see us for an evaluation so we can help you toward building your family now.   Just make an appointment and we will get everything going!

Healthcare Maintenance

Ongoing medical surveillance is a standard part of healthcare, and for women this means regular evaluation of the pelvic organs, Pap smears, breast exams, Mammograms, and other testing as directed by age or clinical situation.  Should you need us to assist with these issues we can do so, and if you are getting this care through other providers we can simply support this by reminding you when you might be due for this kind of care.

Make an appointment to see one of our staff, and we will be happy to help you with all of your needs.

Gynecologic Ultrasound

We perform a high volume of GYN ultrasound in several situations, including those for infertility related issues and treatments, those related to patients we have seen in our office for any reason, and also for other practitioners as a method of supporting that practitioner in their care provision.

We perform both vaginal and abdominal ultrasound for these issues, and utilize 3D technology as well.  We do perform Sonohysterography (aka Saline Infusion Sonography), a procedure in which a small amount of fluid is put into the uterus to help visualize the inside of the uterus evaluating for anatomic lesions in the uterus.

You may be asked by us to come in for ultrasound evaluation or you may be seeing us through other providers as an adjunct to the care you are receiving there.  In either case just make an appointment and we will get everything going!

Make an Appointment Today!

We can get started right away!  We want to partner with you to provide outstanding care in the areas outlined above.  Our patient centered team approach will work closely with you in this process, making sure that you are intimately involved.  We are looking forward to working with you!

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