Online Payment

Please select the appropriate payment link and follow the instructions. If you are unsure where to go, please contact the office for clarification.

Pre-Payment of Visit Estimate

Pre-pay the estimated amount due for a visit you have coming up with us. Please refer to your cost estimate worksheet for the amount due at this time. Please have a copy of this receipt with you at time of check-in. Thanks!

Statement Balance Payment

Make a payment towards your balance, as noted on the statement you have received from us.

Surgical Assist Payment

Your surgeon has requested that Dr. Clark assist them on your surgery. This is to pay the estimated amount of patient responsibility, per your insurance plan, that you owe. Our office policy is that we collect the estimate prior to services being rendered, then refund overpayments or collect the remaining balance due once claims have been finalized and have come back to us from your insurance company.

FMLA / Disability Paperwork Payment

Pay for the administrative fees associated with any FMLA and/or disability paperwork that you have asked our office to complete.